This refers to conflict within the church which may occur between the priest and the Parochial Church Council (PCC) members. It can be as a result of misunderstanding after a harvest thanksgiving for instance. Usually some members of the PPC form the sub-committee that worked with the harvest committee members who were involved in the planning and preparation of the harvest. By implication, if a conflict arises over thanksgiving items between the priest and PCC, then the harvest planning committee members would be involved.

Some of the things that can cause conflict over thanksgiving are: food items; harvest proceeds or products; money realized and the plan over it.

  1. Food Items: Food can be a source of conflict between the priest and the PCC, for instance, if both have agreed to cook food or not to cook, then peradventure, the harvest planning committee now met with the priest or the PCC on behalf of the priest to do otherwise, then it would result to conflict between them. In resolving such conflict, the harvest planning committee will be actively involved to explain the need or reason for the changes to either cook or not to cook, after which they come to mutual understanding. In all, there should not be communication gap, and there should be honesty among all that is involved.
  2. Harvest Proceeds/ Products: In most cases, the harvest proceeds or products brings conflict due to the sharing ratio. The people involved may favor some set of people, which may be seen as cheating and conflict may arise. In resolving such, proper arrangement should be made on time concerning the sharing ratio for the harvest proceeds or products by the priest or those involved in the sharing.
  3. Money Realized and The Plan over It: When this is not properly managed, it may result to quarrel, fight, crisis or conflict. When proper arrangement is put in place for how the money will be used, the priest or the PCC should not change the agreement without a genuine reason because this change may cause conflict. If a conflict arises, the priest would call everyone in the committee to explain the reasons for such changes. For example, if the initial plan was to use the money to buy a bus but the change is now to building of which is a genuine reason, the conflict will be resolved.



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