1. Misunderstanding: Conflict do arise from misunderstanding about: the nature, aims and objectives of a job; differing expectations about how things should be done; work conditions and wages; the different responsibilities of management and employees; difference in values, beliefs, needs and priorities.
  2. Poor Communication: Communication relies on clear and complete massages being sent as well as being received. Conflict may arise from poor communication from staff to clients, from children to husband through his wife. It is vital that house rules are written down to avoid variation in interpretation.
  3. Poor Staff Selection: Inappropriate selection of staff can result in ill-feeling and conflict. Feelings of ill-will may be increased by dismissing staff members. Poor staff selection can also result to conflict if they cannot be minimized with good staff selection procedures. Not considering existing staff views when approaching staff selection will also cause conflict in a workplace.
  4. Frustration, Stress and Burnout: When people become frustrated or stressed, they are more irritable and more likely to create conflicts. So, it is impossible to recognize the signs of stress in people’s work situations in order to prevent burnout. Frustration, stress, and burnout could result into conflict due to the following factors such as: violence or actual violence; overcrowding or lack of privacy; verbal abuse; dirty or untidy work space; noise; harassment; continual cries; lack of ability to influence the working environment; tension between staff members; lack of direction from management; criticism and lack of support; poor communication etc.
  5. Lack of information: Conflict can arise when one party lacks proper/important information, when employees are continually experiencing change that they were not informed about, or if there are decisions being made that the staff feels it should be involved in such, can bring about conflict between employees and managers.
  6. Land dispute: Land dispute generates a lot of conflict across the country. The community of Aguleri and Umeleri in Anambra state and the Brass and Numbe community of Bayelsa and Rivers state are typical examples of conflict emanating from prolonged boundary dispute between these neighbors.
  7. Personal relationship: A work environment can be a stressful place and it can be worse when personal difference begins to develop between employers. Of the major causes of workplace can be particular counterproductive, because problem may be generated both at home and in the office. Some employees bring stress from their home to work and this can cause conflict among co-workers and managers.
  8. Lack of resources: Lack of necessary resources can cause conflict among employees and between management. If employees feel there is a lack of resources needed to do their job, competition will arise among employees for the availability of resources. The employees who are unable to obtain what they need to perform their duties will begin to blame management for that lack of recourses.

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