1. Conflict helps to effect necessary change: When there is conflict, the people learn to do things in a new way; they no longer do things the same old way they have been doing them. There deliberate and necessary changes in their character, attitude and way of thinking so as to avoid whatever leads to conflict and avoid re-occurrence.
  2. It helps to generate new ideas: When there is conflict new ideas are generated in order for things to work well. For example, a company that is not making progress, the management of the company must seek new ideas from the staff in order for the company to progress, sometimes, it can even make them to employ new personnel that can bring this ideas. When conflict arises, people generate new ideas of doing things, by implication, their way of thinking changes and improved.
  3. It tests existing and noble ideas: When there is conflict, ideas that have been existing before the conflict are tested to see if they still fit in the post- conflict era, and if they can still work with them. If they are tested and found noble, they continue with them but if the reverse is the case, they are dropped.
  4. It checks the boundaries between noble and ignoble: When there is conflict, the people check themselves to know what is true and what is not true; what can and cannot be done; this will help to know who is saying the truth and who is lying. For example, in a conflict between two communities, some people will say, we cannot win the case because what we are fighting for does not belong to us; it is not a just fight, and this is the truth hence the impossibility of winning the case, but others may sat it is possible when they know still that it is not a just fight, and also know they cannot win the case. The conflict between this two groups will help the people to check whether what one of the group is saying is true or not true, possible or impossible
  5. It reveals and exercises fear: Conflict brings about fear because it is a period where there is the experience of killings, destruction of properties etc. for example, the conflict between Ewhe and Igbide communities say a lot of destruction of lives and properties; created fear in the minds of the people living in both communities; there will also be fear to go to the farm or even travel along the Ewhe-Igbide road, because one of these communities may strike back. They were very alert; fighting mode always active, ready to kill and destroy. It is worthy to note that the two communities sited above share boundary with each other, in other words, they are neighbors.
  6. It tests group cohesion and understanding: The presence of conflict within a group helps to ascertain if the group is working together or not; if they really are working together, and have great understanding of each other, when ever conflict arise, which is inevitable, it is resolves but when there is no group cohesion and understanding, people will break away from the group. When there is group cohesion and understanding, people will stick together with a common understanding to resolve the conflict and make sure things become normal again.


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